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Wills & Estates

Slocum Law provides services in areas of lifetime estate planning and trust administration.

All estates, with or without a will, must go through a probate process prior to distribution to any heirs of an estate. The probate process and estate administration involve the passing assets of a deceased person to his or her heirs, after paying creditors.

Our firm serves as legal counsel for estates and trusts through representation of personal representatives and beneficiaries in the detailed and often complex probate and administration process. Thus, we represent retained clients with all types of estate, will, trust and probate matters.

Recognizably, our firm works hard to minimize any potential delays in the probate process.

An individual’s will often names a family member or close friend as the executor or executrix. If a will does not exist, the court will appoint a representative for the estate.

Slocum Law works with personal representatives and appointed representatives to ensure the administration process occurs pursuant to their wishes and in accordance with all relative laws.