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— Theodore Roosevelt, 26th president (1858-1919)

Family Law

Slocum Law understands how unfortunate and detrimental circumstances affect a marriage and/or family unit without resolution. These circumstances often become one of the most difficult experiences in an individual’s life, and lead to challenging decisions, which often influence the future. Therefore, the selection of legal counsel during such hardships is crucial.

Our attorneys dedicate their services to properly inform representedBooks individuals of his, her, or their rights and choices. Slocum Law recognizes the importance of advice and guidance through an emotional and stressful time of this nature. Also, we incorporate our objective that each represented situation separates itself from others. Thus, our family law attorneys develop strategies and approaches unique to each situation.

Slocum Law provides legal representation in various areas of marital and family matters such as adoption, alienation of affection, alimony, annulment, assisted reproduction, child custody, child support, child visitation, cohabitation, divorce, domestic violence, emancipation, guardianship, modification, name change, paternity matters, property and debt division, and many other matters.

Our firm strives to negotiate an agreeable and timely resolution in all cases; however, if negotiations are unsuccessful, our attorneys often and successfully litigate matters under this area of law. Our thriving and respectable trial and appellate experiences support this assertion and demonstrate our firm’s confidence to effectively assist represented individuals.