This country will not be a good place for any of us to live in unless we make it a good place for all of us to live in. 
— Theodore Roosevelt, 26th president (1858-1919)


Slocum Law Firm, PLLC, situates itself in the historic Main Street Carriage house_329 TateDistrict of Senatobia, Mississippi– south of the rapidly developing DeSoto County. Thus, this Northwest Mississippi based law practice resourcefully extends its professional, practical, and proficient legal services to retained clients in local and regional settings. David M. Slocum, Jr., founded the firm in 2008 premised upon one fundamental goal: to consistently provide impeccable service and esteemed results to all retained individuals and various forms of establishments.

Years later, Slocum Law has remained true to this initial charge. Our firm continues to grow in its legal services and formation of meaningful partnerships with its clients and within the community. Likewise, we listen to and assist our clients to achieve their legal goals and effectively resolve their legal issues.

Slocum Law now consists of three attorneys and legal administrative personnel. Notably, the firm’s office, located on 329 W. Tate Street, Senatobia, Mississippi, was originally constructed in 1904. The building has served numerous purposes including a general store and a carriage shop.

We lead our clients through a progressively intricate legal system, and champion their interests throughout this process. Within our firm, we implement creative, innovative, and resourceful thinking to execute paramount and efficient representation.

Slocum Law handles a full range of legal services, including civil litigation and matters such as family law, land transactions, property and land use disputes, personal injury, criminal matters, bankruptcy and wills and estates. Currently, David serves as the City Attorney for Senatobia, Mississippi. With this experience and his skill to educate our firm’s associates, Slocum Law diligently represents governmental entities.

Slocum Law appreciates its reputation of providing professional, practical, and proficient legal services. We enjoy serving others and the practice of law.

Provision for others is the fundamental responsibility of human life.
— Woodrow Wilson, 28th U.S. president (1856-1924)